Weapon Weight Useage

A character just cannot use too heavy weapons. Be it that it’s a heavy weapon like a greatclub, or it is of large size or bigger, it will be heavy for characters to use effectively in combat. (any penalties for the weight of a weapon stacks with penalties for using large weapons).

A character can only effectively use the weapon if it’s weight is one fourth or less than the characters light load limit, rounded down. A character that is dual wielding just adds the two weapon weights together (like two shortsword is 2+2)

For example, a normal, untrained human (strength 10) can carry 33 pounds as a light load. He can also use weapons that weighs 8 pounds or less. That normal, untrained man can dual wield longswords (4+4 pounds) or even a greatsword (8 pounds) efficiently, but the really heavy weapons like greataxe is not within his reach, that’s for the stronger characters.

A character can take a one-handed weapon (even if it’s another size or not) and use it with two hands. A character can use that weapon if it’s only half of the characters light load instead. A character cannot benefit from this with two-handed weapons, they are already heavy and always made to be used with two hands

If a weapon weighs more than a fourth of a character’s light load rounded down, he cannot use the weapon in combat effectively

Weapon Weight Useage

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