Tymora is the godess of just theft and trickery. While she supports her followers to steal and lie, she does not support assassinations of the target, since that would just defeat the purpose of skillfully sneak in and steal his stuff (altough she is strangely silent about the issue of killing men guarding the place)

Tymora wants her followers to be sneaky and stealthy, and only steal from the rich people, both because they wouldn’t suffer as much with some of their money gone, and because she doesn’t like rich people, so she wouldn’t like her followers to amass a large amount of coins just for the sake of being rich either. Altough in the case of her followers, she does like for them to have very valuable and expensive gems and art, trophies of what they have been able to steal, as long as they wouldn’t sell them for coins.

Tymora would be angered if one of her followers steals from another of her followers. However, stealing from one of her followers companions is completely fair game, and even if detected, the people in question would not be allowed to ask it back, they were simply not good enough to keep it. It is just expected that if a follower of Tymora had a friend that got his stuff stolen, the follower of Tymora would just steal it back, neither party would be angry about this.

An exception to this rule is when a follower of Tymora has an approval of another member to steal something from them, which has spawned a popular contest of skill, where one man will try to steal an item designated by both members as ‘loot’ and he has a month to successfully steal it.

It is said that in the Realm of Gods, that she is quite the elegant rogue, able to think her way out of any situation and getting whatever she wants with her skills. She usually spends her ill-gotten gains immediately, or gives it away, as the thought of having money is just too horrid. It is also said that she is the only god that willingly enter another god’s outer plane of existence for fun, to steal things from them. A god entering the plane of another god without permission would recieve the deathsentence and be aknowledged by the entire outer realms that any god would be allowed to kill her, and her own plane would be okay to invade.

she is depicted as a nimble woman with sharp facial features and sleek curves, clad in a very elegant leather armor and holding a curved and very pointy dagger, more used as a tool than a weapon. Her hair is short, for a woman, and brown, and she never leaves a footstep where she walks.

Tymoras symbol is a standing raven in profile, looking to the left on a blank horizon


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