Those pesky little things

Sidequest: Those pesky little things
Obtained: The rusty nail, Memnon, Ches 22, 20.00pm
Level: 4

The party learned of recent goblin bandits that attacked people near the forest. Looking for a job to do for the reward / glory / good of mankind, the party set out to cleanse the forest of the goblins.

The party have learned that the bandits are actually hobgoblins, the goblins smarter and more vicious cousins, and they are more dangerous than the little green ones.

The party has defeated all the goblins in the cave, and set free 6 cyclops’ they have found there, they wished not to harm the party in any way.

When back in Memnon, the party has learned that their actions have not gone unnoticed. They have been asked to travel to castle calim, as the king of calimport wish to commend them for their effort for dealing with Norbon the bandit and the hobgoblins.

The party has seen that there exist another, bigger tribe of goblinkin, not too far off. Will they deal with this threat, or leave them alone…

Objective: Find the goblin’s secret hideout (completed)
Objective: Defeat the leader of the hobgoblins (completed)
Optional Objective: Set free the cyclops or leave them to die (completed, cyclops have been freed)
Objective: Travel to Memnon to get rewarded for the quest (completed)
Optional Objective: Visit Wroosk’s tribe. (Completed)
Objective: Travel to the castle calim in Calimport to claim the reward

Those pesky little things

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