Dead Mans Party

Major Quest: Dead Mans Party
Obtained: The guardhouse, Memnon, Ches 25, 23.00pm
Level: 6

The party saw strange balls of necrotic energy on their way to Memnon, and after quickly dispatching of them, went on to town, now having 2 teammates less.

Memnon was under attack from a few thousand undead corpses, but they killed them all and the city is still safe. The heroes sought out Baram the necromancer who told them of a strange gathering of necrotic energy out in the middle of the ocean, and sent our heroes to investigate what it is.

The heroes arrived at the necromantic waypoint and found a secret hideout filled with zombies, skeletons and ghouls, and they cleansed the whole place. Many hard fought battles and traps stood in their way, but they pressed on and defeated the master of the tower.

They found a strange note in a language they could not descipher with a comprehend language spell, a letter being written by the necromancer, and a piece of a map with circles and lines drawn on it…

Objective Survive the undead attack on Memnon. (Completed, lvl 6)
Objective Travel to the strange energy gathering in the ocean and investigate (Completed, lvl 2)
Objective Either report back in memnon about the undead, or destroy the undead and the source of their rise (Completed, lvl 5)
Objective Find out what has happened, and what is going on

Dead Mans Party

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