Wierd Silence

Stygius’ Personal Quest: Wierd Silence
Obtained: Tarsakh 4, 02.00 am, The Gambling Ghost Inn
Finished: Tarsakh 24, 23.30 pm, The Cutting Wave (ship)

Stygius has ran into one of his old companions, now out for his blood. He said something that ‘stygius screwed it up for everybody’ ‘Artemis got into a lot of trouble because of him’ and that they were out for his blood. True enough, he just escaped one assassination attempt.

After some time and a few assassination attempts, Stygius has learned that there are a small group of survivors from Artemis’ old gang that are out to get him, for revenge of what happened to their boss.

Stygius has been captured by the old members of Artemis’ gang, and has been told that an assassin impostor has decieved his party and is disguising himself as Stygius, to kill them when he recieves a signal. How is he going to escape this one?

Stygius successfully escaped the gang, but then he met Artemis Entreri himself. It turns out that he is in fact not out to kill Stygius, the other men just acted by themselves and wanted to kill him. Artemis helped Stygius escape the prison they were in and even gave him a new weapon, and a way for him to return to his teammates to save them.

Stygius got back to his teammates, and with everyones help, they fought the assassin and his henchmen on the boat, successfully saving everyone.

Objective: Do not get assassinated (completed, level 6, sidequest)
Objective: Escape Artemis’ old gang (completed, level 7, sidequest)
Objective: Find the katana and talk the old wizard into helping you (completed, level 7, sidequest)
Objective: Rescue your teammates (Completed, level 8, sidequest)

Wierd Silence

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