The Ethereal Plane

The Ethereal Plane is also called the Ghost Plane, due to the fact that many people say that ‘the inhabitants of the ethereal plane are all ghosts’. This however is superstition, as the ethereal plane is proven, and a fact.

The ethereal plane is limitless, and a person there can walk the human world much like a ghost, nobody could see, hear or touch him, but he could see and hear everything that goes on in the material plane.

A person in the ethereal plane would feel that he has no gravity, flying around with the power of his will, completely incorporeal, and very little to see or interact with in the ethereal plane itself.

Many travelers of the ethereal plane has turned up dead, and it doesn’t help that people that has been there has talked about ‘hunters and beasts’, monsters stalking them while they were in the ethereal plane. It is said that when they see someone in the ethereal plane, they will stalk and follow him forever, waiting for him to leave the ethereal plane. These beasts have a way to traverse the planes naturally, and when one leaves the ethereal plane, they could attack that person at any moment. It is believed that since they are in the ethereal plane and can see and hear any person alive, they choose only to attack those that has traversed in the ethereal plane due to defending their territory, or much more likely, because they feed upon creatures traversing the planes. It is unknown, however, why they don’t attack while the person is still in the ethereal plane.

Being in the ethereal plane is often described as floating in the real world like a ghost, with people being unable to see and hear you, while looking at the world through a fog (thus, it is called ‘walking the fog’, although you don’t actually walk. There have been people that has entered the ethereal plane and never returned, so there are rumours of other beasts than the hunters, that traverse the fog. Stronger, more dangerous creatures that attacks you only while you are in the ethereal plane.

Two or more people in the same spot in the ethereal plane can see and interact with eachother

The Ethereal Plane

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