The Astral Plane

The astral plane is said to be the plane in between planes. Whenever one moves through a plane into another, one passes through the astral plane, altough one would not know, see or feel that he’s doing so, as it is instantaneous.

The astral plane is not believed by many people to exist, since you never actually see the plane, or step foot in it. It is widely believed that it has no gravity or time, and that it is like a thin silver veil.

Other beliefs are that the Astral Plane is shaped like a great, enormously huge silver tree, which have great branches of the tree, upon which a new plane lies. This theory came from a bard in the ancient times who claimed he’s seen it, and passed through it many times, but he wasn’t around for long and dissapeared one night, and altough he doesn’t look to be so trustworthy by many, his theory finds many people believing in it, and it would explain why you can’t just freely travel to any plane there is, as you must travel the silver tree of the astral plane branch for branch (as you really must stop at other planes, to have an anchorpoint to get further into yet another plane from that point)

Regardless if it’s seen as a veil or as a tree, mmost beliefs are that the astral plane is limitless, empty and shining with a silvery light

The Astral Plane

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