Stolen Faith

Sidequest: Stolen Faith
Obtained: Church of Lathander, Memnon, Ches 22, 21.00pm
Level: 5

Brother Merrick in the church of lathander spoke of a great theft that occured 2 years ago, the theft of the holy relic ‘Lathanders Cup’. It is said to be blessed by lathander himself and allows someone in dire need of help to gain a blessing of lathander if he drinks from the cup.
Brother Merrick didn’t see who attacked him, other than he had a black cloak with a red raven on it.
You have found out from a mysterious man in Memnon that the thief must have been the original Bloodraven. He holds out in the bloodraven headquarter, located in Myratma, and the cup should be somewhere there too. He also asked you to get back the blood raven cloak for him

You got to myratma and infiltrated the bloodraven hideout. You chose to defeat all the villains inside, and eventually had a fight with Bloodraven, who managed to escape. In the end, you found the cup of lathander

You found Bloodraven, he is hiding in a warehouse, now to capture him or kill him.

You killed bloodraven, but Maggius Worthbundle took his cloak away from you. You may either leave the cloak alone and return the cup only, or try to take the cloak with you

You chose to sneakily enter his mansion in the middle of the night and sucessfully stole the bloodraven cloak. Later you had to turn tail and book it, though…

You returned the cloak back to Garyon who promised you a reward to be found in the rusty nails inn later at evening

The reward never came, and you found Garyon dead, looks to have been aged rapidly as his remains was just a dried up corpse… Who could have done this?

You returned the cup of lathander to the church of lathander who raised Argus from the dead, after you promising them to pay them back within the week.

The priest of lathander said that the gemtrader got himself captured by hobgoblins, and the party set out to find him, set him free, and repay the debt.

Going there, they defeated the hobgoblins with the help of hired mercenaries and set the gemtrader free, now the diamonds are avaliable again

Objective: find out more about the theft (completed)
Optional Objective: Defeat all the thieves in the hideout (Completed)
Objective: Take back the cup of lathander from the blood raven (Completed)
Objective: Take the Cup of lathander back to the priest (Completed)
Objective: Pay back for the 5.000 gp worth of diamonds to the priest (Completed)
Objective: set the gemtrader free from the hobgoblins tribe (Completed)
Optional Objective: Bloodraven is still on free foot. Find him (Completed)
Optional Objective: Capture Bloodraven or kill him (Completed)
Optional Objective: Get the Bloodraven Cloak from Worthbundle (Completed)
Optional Objective: Get the blood raven cloak back to Garyon (Completed)

Stolen Faith

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