Quest Information

Each quest has a level and a type, which determines the difficulty, length & xp value of that quest. The xp is based on the level just as a character needs to level up. For example, a first level character needs 1.000 xp to level up (from 0 to 1.000) and a second level character needs 2.000 to level up (from 1.000 to 3.000). The quest level gives that amount of xp, divided by the type of quest (see below).
For example, a level 2 sidequest would give 80 xp upon completion, plus another 40 for every objective completed before that, as well as 20 every time it gets updated with new objective(s). quest xp is given full to each active member of the party, it is not split.

A Personal quest’s level is the same level of the character that has it. A personal quest can be any type of quest, and is likely spawning several objectives & quest types over a long story (giving completion bonus for quest ‘found clue to dissapearing family’ as a sidequest and then giving xp for minor quest objective updated ‘find someone who can tell you what it means’, and when you get that quest done with and completion xp, you could learn where the family is, and the major quest ‘rescue family’ would start, with many major quest objectives to be done before that. (this is a very crude example)
The entire active party gets xp from personal quests like normal quests, whether the obective is a minor, major or a sidequest. Upon completion, the character who the personal quest belongs to get double the amount of xp.

Minor Quests are tasks and small quests where the people involved will do something which will take minimal effort and have little to no risk involved. Such things as ‘give the starving old man something to eat’, ‘help with the repairs in village’ or ‘clean out the basement’. they don’t give much xp, but on the other hand they can usually be done quickly.

Sidequests are the quests and missions the players will do as heroes, ridding the world of evil and making their names known in the world. They are usually one objective quests and will not spawn very long missions, but there is a risk to completing them, as indicated by the level. Examples for such quests are ‘clear the dungeon for the nearby village’ or ‘take care of the bandit camp’ They give medium xp, but they can be over and done with usually with minimal complexity.

Major Quests are the big adventures that the heroes will brag about in taverns and castles. The bunch of quests that string a campaign together (note; a major quest is not a campaign). A major quest is long, with many different objectives and ways to complete it. Examples for a major quest is ‘go kill the minotaur monster in cave x’ and later when you come back to town, you will see it under attack by a bunch of minotaurs, and have to help in the battle. After which it is your duty to find where these beasts came from and make sure something like this doesn’t happen again, by any means necessary. A major quest gives a good amount of xp to the whole party, but it is longer than other quests and have multiple objectives

| Mission type and progression | Sidequest | Major Quest | Minor Quest |
| Mission Objective(s) Updated | 1/100 xp | 1/40 xp | 1/200 xp |
| Quest Objective(s) Completed | 1/50 xp | 1/20 xp | 1/100 xp |
| Quest Finished and Completed | 1/25 xp | 1/10 xp | 1/50 xp |

Quest Information

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