Start of adventure: Ches 19. 20:00pm
Current Time: Tarsakh 17. 13:30pm

The day in Faerun is 24 hours, and as one would expect it is broken up by the rising and settling of the sun. Most people break up the day into large slices – dawn, morning, highsun (noon), afternoon, dusk, sunset, evening, midnight, moondark (night’s heart), and night’s end. These are of neccessity not exact, and there is often confusion fro travelers in foreign lands.

The year is made up of 365 days, divided into 12 months with 30 days in them each, and with five special days that fall in between them. Every fourth year there is another day, the shieldmeet, is added to the calendar immediately following Midsummer night.

The months are:

Month # old name common name
1 Hammer Deepwinter
2 Alturiak The Claw of Winter
3 Ches The Claw of the Sunsets
4 Tarsakh The Claw of the Storms
5 Mirtul The Melting
6 Kythorn The Time of Flowers
7 Flamerule Summertide
8 Eleasis Highsun
9 Eleint The Fading
10 Marpenoth Leaffall
11 Uktar The Rotting
12 Nightal The Drawing Down

The five extra days are:
Annual holiday: Midwinter. Between Hammer and Alturiak.
Annual holiday: Greengrass. Between Tarsakh and Mirtul.
Annual holiday: Midsummer. Between Flamerule and Eleasis.
Annual holiday: Highharvestide. Between Eleint and Marpenoth.
Annual holiday: The Feast of the Moon. Between Uktar and Nightal.

The days of the solstices and equinoxes are:
Winter Solstice: Nightal 20
Spring Equinox: Ches 19
Summer Solstice: Kythorn 20
Autumn Equinox: Eleint 21


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