Brand new Enemy

Garrits Personal Quest: Brand new Enemy
Obtained: Tarakash 3, midnight, Myratma

Garrit got a note specifically sent to him to meet him out at the piers of Myratma at midnight… Who can this be from?

Garrit and company got to the piers where he met… An old, dead enemy? Garrit met with Sigurd Lodinchid a man who has once died by the hands of Garrit. He said that he has even risen Julie from the grave, torturing her endlessly for Garrit’s crimes. He said that they did no longer live where they used to, and will not show themselves to Garrit again.

Garrit has learned of two places of Lodinchids. One is his home in Murann, as he heard from a young boy in Memnon. The other clue is from the mayor of Myratma, that he has been dealing with this Lodinchid, and sent his buisnessmen to the town of Keczulla.

Garrit went to Lodinchids home, only to find that he isn’t living there, only his father. His father seemed like a stern, but fair man. He caught Garrit breaking into his property and made him a deal. Rather than calling the guards on him, he told Garrit to go find a Ring of Conscience and put it on his sons finger. One should be found at the wizards tower in Amn

Objective: Go to the piers by midnight (Completed, lvl 2, minor)
Objective: Find out more about the Lodinchids (Completed, lvl 3, sidequest)
Objective: Go to either Murann or Keczulla and get more information (Completed, lvl 6, sidequest)
Objective: Go to the wizards tower in Amn and get a Ring of Conscience

Brand new Enemy

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