Ring of Conscience


Type: Ring (cursed)
Value: -
CL: ?
User: Garrit
This is a cursed ring which the bearer can’t unequip. the ring will sap the users Constitution and Wisdom by 2 point every time the user kills an innocent person that did not aggrevate the user.
It drains Constitution and Wisdom by 1 point every time the user mutilates an innocent person, kills an innocent person while provoked, or steals or destroys something very valuable to an innocent person.
These penalties cannot be reversed by any spells other than Wish or Miracle. when the user does anything particularly good, he can regain lost points this way, or if at full points, it will take him closer to remove the ring. When the user has gathered 30 good points without aggrevating the ring in the meanwhile, the ring becomes a normal gold ring. Any values of good and bad is based on the values of Tyr

Ring points: 2/30


Ring of Conscience

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