Dagger of Destruction

weapon (melee)

Type: Dagger (intelligent)
Ego: 21
Value: 78.602 gp
CL: ?
User: Stygius

3 Enchantment bonus (2 when not identified)
Neutral Evil
Intelligence 18, Charisma 18, Wisdom 10
Dagger has Deathwatch continually active, item can use detect magic at will.
Item can use Arcane Eye 1/day.
Item can use Wrath of Talos 1/day on it’s own accord.

Wrath of Talos: The wielder gets into a fit of destructive killing rage, and seeks to destroy anyone that is not a follower of talos (even other evil gods). The subject heals for 6d8 HP and gets 4 to strength, dexterity and constitution, can’t be subject to any physical draining abilities or spells, and feels no pain. This effect lasts for 1d43 rounds. After 2 minutes of this effect wearing off, the subject falls unconcious and loses 1 point of constitution and wisdom. These penalties cannot be undone by any normal or magical means except for the spells Miracle and Wish. The user has to take a fortitude DC 18 check when the effect activates, and if this fails, the user gets +2 increase to his physical scores, instead of +4


Dagger of destruction: There was made 10 of these weapons in different kinds, all of them made for the 10 priests worshipping Talos. They are intelligent and of great power, and unless the wielder is of great character, the weapons take control and posesses the wielder to do the work of talos, to bring destruction, chaos and death to any symbol, follower or ideal of a non-evil god. When near any holy person dedicated to a non-evil god, the dagger will want to kill him/her.

Dagger of Destruction

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